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Swedish massage

What is it? What are the benefits?

Swedish massage is a manual oil therapy that is performed on a massage table. The customer can keep their underwear or not and is covered with a sheet.

 Swedish massage

Depending on the maneuvers used, Swedish massage can be intended for relaxation, either gentle and relaxing or therapeutic, gradually deeper to release tension.

The technique includes several basic maneuvers such as: effleurages, kneading, friction, crushing, percussion, shaking, peri-articular work and vibration. Swedish massage has the peculiarity of a curve, that is, it begins smoothly, increases gradually and ends smoothly.

This is a very accessible massage that is for everyone, unless otherwise indicated. It is suitable for anyone whose physical activity is insufficient by toning the muscles and preventing stagnation of blood circulation. Its basic rule is to always bring blood back to the heart. It is also suitable for athletes in whom it accelerates the healing of painful muscles. It relaxes nervous and stressed people by regenerating their nervous system, thus improving the quality of their sleep.

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